ADELT: Transpilation Between Deep Learning Frameworks


We propose Adversarial DEep Learning Transpiler (ADELT) for source-to-source transpilation between deep learning frameworks. Unlike prior approaches, we decouple the transpilation of code skeletons and the mapping of API keywords (an API function name or a parameter name). ADELT transpile code skeletons using few-shot prompting on big language models. Based on contextual embeddings extracted by a BERT for code, we train aligned API embeddings in a domain-adversarial setup, upon which we generate a dictionary for keyword translation. The model is trained on our unlabeled DL corpus from web crawl data, without using any hand-crafted rules and parallel data. Our method outperforms state-of-the-art transpilers on multiple transpilation pairs including PyTorch-Keras and PyTorch-MXNet by 15.9pts and 12.0pts in exact match scores respectively.

Linyuan Gong
Linyuan Gong
PhD Student in Artificial Intelligence

Research large language models (LLMs), including pretraining, prompting, and evaluation.